Division of Gastroenterology

Core Curriculum 2010-2011

08/03/10 Pregnancy & GI Disorders

Pregnancy Monograph
Liver Disease in Pregnant Patient

08/10/10 Alcoholic Liver Diseases Alcoholic Liver Disease
08/24/10 Helicobacter pylori Pathophysiology and Clinical Implications HP Consensus
2nd Asia Pacific Guidelines for H pylori infection
08/31/10 Cystic Pancreatic Lesions ACG Pancreatic Cysts
ASGE 2005
Brugge panc cyst Gastro
Chak Editorial Cysts
clinical gi cysts
09/14/10 Neoplastic & Non-neoplastic Colon Polyps WINrAWER POLYP 2006
Colon polyps
Molecular Basis Colorectal Cancer
09/21/10 Bacterial Overgrowth Bacterial Overgrowth PPT
Bacterial Overgrowth
Small Bowel
Small Intestinal Bowel Overgrowth
09/28/10 Management of Hepatitis C Management of Hepatitis C PPT
Diagnosis HEP C
10/05/10 Hepatorenal Syndrome Diagnosis Prevention and Treatment of HRS
NEJM renal failure in cirrhosis
Systemic Review of Vasoactive Drugs
10/19/10 Ileostomy & Its Alternatives Surgical management of UC
10/26/10 Food Allergies AGA Tech Rev Food Allergies
Food Allergy - Sichere and Sampson
NEJM food allergies
11/02/10 Acid Peptic Disorders

Acid Peptic Disorders

11/09/10 Mucosal Immune Deficiencies

GI Manifestations of Non-AIDS Immunodeficiency
HIV and GI immune system

11/23/10 Hepatitis B AASLD HBV Guidelines
11/30/10 Intestinal Parasites

Bethony J Soil Helminths Lancet 2006

12/07/10 Pouchitis Bo Shen Pouchitis Review 2009
Clinical guidelines for the management of pouchitis
Pouchitis Cohen PPT
12/14/10 PBC Hepatol PBC MTX and UDCA
PBC review
01/11/11 PSC Biomarkers of cholangiocarcinoma in PSC
AASLD PSC update
01/18/11 Gallstones Hereditary-gallstones
pathogenesis gallstones
01/25/11 Colonic Motility and Disorders Colonic Contractions
What we have learned about colonic motility
02/01/11 Esophageal Cancer NEJM 2003 Esophageal CA
Esophageal Cancer Cohen PPT
02/08/11 GERD GERD pathophysiology Cleveland Clinic
AGA guidelines on management
Mittal NEJM GE junction
02/15/11 Pathogenesis of Colon Cancer

Genomics of CRCA
Colon cancer pathogenesis NEJM
Leggett Serrated Pathway in CRC GE 2010
Molecular pathogenesis of CRCA

03/08/11 Pancreatic Endocrine Tumors Pancreatic NET
04/12/11 Secretory Diarrhea Enteric infection meets intestinal function bacterial Pathogens cause diarrhea
Bacterial diarrhea
05/03/11 Liver Transplant Recurrence of Primary Disease Post Transplant
Biliary complications post OLT review
Transplant Review
05/24/11 Acute Pancreatitis Acute Pancreatitis-Annals In the Clinic
05/31/11 Chronic Pancreatitis

Chronic pancreatitis Lancet
Chronic Pancreatitis - Opinion in Gastro
Chronic Pancreatitis

06/21/11 Extraintestinal Manifestations of IBD DigLivDis EIM of IBD


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